At Julies Dog Daycare we have a passion for dogs and want to provide a safe and fulfilling environment in which you can leave your pet/s to be looked after by us whilst you are not available to do so.

Our premises are purpose built and consists of almost 4000 sq ft of indoor space divided into play zones where we can separate dogs according to age and activiy levels. We also have individual snuggle rooms where your pets get a chance to take a break from the pack and enjoy some one on one human company.

Our outdoor space is half an acre of fully enclosed play areas enabling dogs to get as much or little excercise as they need either in a pack or individually.  We have a general all weather play area,  a utility and obstacle section and a 200 foot long run for chasing games and recall training.  2 other free run zones compleet the space.

We have only been in residence a short time but have already achieved a great deal and have long term development plans for the premises to further enhance your dogs experiences when they are with us.

We have a 4 Star Higher Standard licence which is the highest possible for any establishment in our sector with less than 3 years of trading history so we are off to a great start.

Our Licence number with Northumberland County Council is NAB/201 and is in place for 2 years until 20th May 2021